It is the ultimate goal of the school to better itself through the growth and success of the students. At Greg Greene’s Kickboxing Academy, a student’s success is dependant on practical, realistic and honest self-awareness.

Self-awareness is comprised of:
  • Mental awareness: 99% of self-defense is your state-of-mind, especially at the moment of an attack, therefore one must attempt to be conscious of, and honest about, strengths and limitations
  • Physical awareness: It is the student’s responsibility to maintain optimum health in the form of cardiovascular, strength training and diet.

We categorize Physical conditioning into three areas:

We initially focus on your cardiovascular health. This is accomplished by:

  • Shadow boxing (mimicking fighting movements without an opponent),
  • Kicking and punching techniques and drills
  • Breathing exercises that will dramatically effect stamina
  • Hitting the heavy bag – We do lot’s of bag work due to it’s intensity and
    it’s practical application in a conflict.

All of the above cardio elements apply here, however Mr. Greene will instruct the students individually and in a class environment, on more efficient uses of strength and speed, as well as balance and technique.

We slowly introduce students to realistic hand-to-hand combat. This is scrutinized and timed by Greg Greene or another Black Belt instructor for the student’s safety. We do not recommend headgear, just padded heavy bag gloves. We feel that Headgear gives a false sense of confidence, and prevents the student from feeling a solid hit there for learning to avoid it.

Typical sparring matches last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
We have three levels of sparring:

  • Slow motion: students start out sparring in slow motion, so they can analyze their movements as well as their opponents.
  • Medium speed: offers a more realistic pace to test reflexes and technique but kicks and punches are not delivered with full power.
  • Full speed: This is reserved for upper ranking belts. Kicks and punches are thrown at full speed. We do not allow punches to the face. We substitute open hand and backhand strikes to simulate punches. We do this to protect the head and face.

Greg Greene has honed this program into a simple and efficient workout and sparring regiment comparable to any cardio-kickboxing program, but infinitely more realistic.

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