Poetry in Motion (48 min.).
Greg Greene will be demonstrating 50 kung-fu forms, including Dragon, Eagle, Cobra and Tiger, in this spectacular display of grace, speed and endurance. Choreographed to lights and music, these forms perfected over years of study would be a feat for anyone, much less a 56 year old man. It is safe to say Mr. Greene is the only man in the world to perform this awesome feat.

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The Iron Shadows:
Created by Greg Greene in 1975 The Iron Shadows is purely for your enjoyment.
It is a one act play which incorporates a variety of martial arts, and weapons performances.
The story is about a girl who sends her soon to be ex-a 'Dear John' letter which creates a rivalry between the ex-and his gang of thugs, The Iron Shadows, and her new boyfriend played by Mr. Greene. The Iron Shadows are confident in their numbers, but Mr. Greene is confident in his fighting skills! See who prevails!

There is also a swingstick, sword, sickle and staff fighting performance, and an explosive board-breaking scene.

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$5.00 admission 
Children under 5 admitted-FREE!
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